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Removal of Gang Tattoos
by: Susan Trudeau
At one time gangs were part of the stereotypes that mainstream associated with tattoos. Street gangs, convicts, carnies, bikers, and sailors are a few of the groups that would come to a person's mind when the subject of tattoos was brought up.For gang members, however, tattoos are still a way of both asserting membership in the gang as well as a way to thumb their nose at society. These tattoos are also referred to as identifying tags. They usually have their tattoos in highly visible locations including the hands, neck and face area. Other popular locations for gang related tattoos
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Laser Tattoo Removal - Does it Hurt?
by: Ben Quick
One of the biggest problems consumers face when wanting to remove a tattoo is not just the cost of removing it, but also dealing with the pain. To answer the question of "Does laser tattoo removal hurt?", the answer is usually already understood, and the question is practically rhetorically. However, let us look at the experience a bit closer and also examine some of the things that removal clinics generally practice to relieve the pain during the process.First of all, the experience of laser treatments is somewhat on par with the experience of receiving tattoos in the first place. This
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Gang Tattoo Removal - Your Practical Solution to an Unwanted Tattoo
by: Jared D. Ingram
You have gotten a tattoo years ago. You wanted it as a form of self-expression. You wanted it so that you can have a sense of belonging to a gang which you also consider your group of friends. It felt good at that time. You accepted the pain that was associated with it. But now, things have changed. You want it removed. Instead of fearing that removal is impossible, you can breathe easily with the good news that there are ways and products by which you can achieve.Your ReasonsRemoving your gang tattoo can be a practical choice you make. There
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Laser Tattoo Removal - Myths and Truths
by: Alex Kaplan
Since the 1990's, laser tattoo removal procedures have greatly increased in popularity. The rise of laser tattoo removal specialty clinics attests to the popularity of this procedure. Even so, myths about tattoo removal still abound. This article will attempt to debunk or confirm some of these myths.Myth #1: Laser tattoo removal works by burning off the tattoo: This may have been true of older lasers, such as CO2, that burned off the superficial layers of the skin. Newer Q-switched lasers, such as the YAG and ruby, work differently. They photothermically fracture the tattoo pigments and rely on the body's immune
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