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Tattoo Removal Options: How To Get Rid Of Tattoos
by: Edith Ozera

Tattoos are spreading all over the world especially in recent years. Most of the time people get tattoos very willingly to immortalize their lovers name or their favorite figures on their bodies. But after a while they get bored from these figures or for some other reasons and decide to get rid of their bodies on the track this permanent signs. Especially people who tattooed the first letter of the name of their spouse or lovers, immediately look for ways to get rid of these unwanted memories right after the end of their relationship.

Since tattoos are processed into the pigment cells underneath the skin, it is not very possible to remove them easily whenever wanted. Unfortunately this process of removing tattoos is more costly, hard and painful than having a tattoo.

First to be able to start the removal process, a duration of at least one month must be passed after the getting of the tattoo. Otherwise the removal process can be very painful. This is why the healing of tattoo must be completed to start the removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal

The most common removal method is laser tattoo removal. Lasers, with the help of the vibrations of the intense concentrated light, target the ink and divide in into small pieces. The ink which is divided into small pieces disappears through the immune system in time.

It is possible to completely get rid of unwanted tattoos in 3-4 sessions. This process is most suitable for the winter season. Because the surface of the skin must be kept away from the sun for some time. Laser tattoo removal gives better results for black ink tattoos and for people with light skin color.

In terms of price laser tattoo removal can cost thousands of dollars for a big and colorful tattoo. And it is not 100% guaranteed.

Tattoo Removal Cream

Tattoo removal cream is usually applied as a solution when the budget is not enough for laser removal. This not not mean that it is a cheap removal method. But it does not cost as much as the first one.

Tattoo removal cream is the most dangerous one among the tattoo removal options because of the harmful chemicals they contain. For the aim of removing the tattoos, the harmful chemicals are absorbed by the skin for months which may cause both damage to the skin and also since mixed with blood through intake can cause serious damage to health. It is cheaper than laser but more dangerous than it.

Tattoo removal is a painful and expensive method. Because of the unwanted results, it will be good to think wisely before deciding to get tattoos on the body. It is recommended only to invest in this body art decoration for yourself after thinking thoroughly and deciding that you want to get it for the rest of your life. Otherwise it will be inevitable to spend more money on effort on removing your tattoo than getting it.

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