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Laser Tattoo Removal - Does it Hurt?
by: Ben Quick

One of the biggest problems consumers face when wanting to remove a tattoo is not just the cost of removing it, but also dealing with the pain. To answer the question of "Does laser tattoo removal hurt?", the answer is usually already understood, and the question is practically rhetorically. However, let us look at the experience a bit closer and also examine some of the things that removal clinics generally practice to relieve the pain during the process.

First of all, the experience of laser treatments is somewhat on par with the experience of receiving tattoos in the first place. This means then that an individual who withstood the pain of getting tattoos originally could theoretically deal with the pain of removing those same tattoos via a laser. This is something to keep in mind!

Secondly, what does the process actually feel like? Some have described it as being hit with a rubber band repeatedly. Others describe is as feeling like pin pricks against skin that has been exposed to the sun. In a similar metaphor, others describe the sensation of having someone scrape the skin that is sunburnt. The good news is no one describes it in worse terms that these. This is also something positive to keep in mind, as it the pain could certainly be worse.

Lastly, what sort of methods do clinics do during the actual treatment process to minimize the pain? One of the better options is to first of all keep the room temperature moderately cool in the treatment room. Clinics compliment this with a device that blows cold air directly onto the area of the skin being treated during laser removal treatments. This often works very well in providing on the spot relief.

On top of that, an individual may find that simply using over the counter pain medication may be provide additional benefit and relief. Ask your laser removal specialist for their recommendations on any medicine to avoid that could interfere with treatments, and what medicines for pain they recommend a laser patient use for pain relief.

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