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Removal of Gang Tattoos
by: Susan Trudeau

At one time gangs were part of the stereotypes that mainstream associated with tattoos. Street gangs, convicts, carnies, bikers, and sailors are a few of the groups that would come to a person's mind when the subject of tattoos was brought up.

For gang members, however, tattoos are still a way of both asserting membership in the gang as well as a way to thumb their nose at society. These tattoos are also referred to as identifying tags. They usually have their tattoos in highly visible locations including the hands, neck and face area. Other popular locations for gang related tattoos are the chest and back area. By placing these tattoos in easy to spot locations, they make it easier to be identified by other gangs. The meanings behind some of these symbolic tattoos are constantly changing but some symbolism remains. The police keep up with the tattoos used by gangs in their jurisdiction to enable them to better deal with gang violence and crime.

The spider web tattoo is usually placed on an elbow or a neck and indicates the person served time in prison. Teardrop tattoo design in prison indicates that person has murdered someone. More recently, teardrop tattoos have come to signify the loss of a friend or loved one.

Gang members are most likely to be tattooed by fellow gang members or a tattoo artist that is affiliated with the group.

Former gang members who wish to turn their lives around and rejoin society are given that opportunity with the availability of tattoo removal. Removing these tattoos enable them to blend in with mainstream America more easily, pursue legitimate employment more easily, and may even ensure their safety if they are still exposed to either their own former gang affiliates or rival gang members. Some former gang members wishing to leave this dangerous lifestyle behind them have resorted to drastic measure to remove their own tattoos. Some of these measures include "cutting" out and burning off their gang tattoos. Tattoo removal costs are extremely high and often cost more than the original tattoo work many times over.

Fortunately, due to the goodness of a few, free laser tattoo removal is being offered to former gang members that want to rid themselves of their gang symbols. In various parts of the country, non-profits and professional individuals are donating their time and money to help people that would probably never be able to raise the cash to get them removed themselves. Local governments are now realizing that this is truly a beneficial program and are allocating money to similar programs.

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